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Prize Winners

February 21, 2014


goldhatgoldhat won a copy of the Social Icons Reloaded Pro add-on!


SteevbSteevb won a copy of the Page Cache List add-on!


growthcurvegrowthcurve won a copy of the Google Maps Locations add-on!


iconSearch Auto Completion

Adds auto completion to the standard search block. View in the marketplace.

iconJump Marks & Summary

Add jump marks (anchors) anywhere on your site and summaries them in an overview or link to them from any location. Turn any content into a blog. View in the marketplace.

iconMaxMind IP-GeoLoc

IP-Geo-localisation and redirection rules with MaxMind. View in the marketplace.


Speed Up Your Site

If you are running the latest version of concrete5 and want your pages to load faster, consider enabling full page caching and block caching. It's easy to refresh the cache when you make content updates. 

Customize Your Theme

Many themes have built in the ability for you to change the background colors, font colors, and more through a dashboard interface. 

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