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Version 5.6.2 Released

C5_LogoHand_Icon_01.pngconcrete5 5.6.2 is a maintenance release with a lot of improvements, including:

  • The Jobs section of the Dashboard has a slick new interface and new functionality
  • New advanced permission “View Page in Sitemap” controls who can see a page in the intelligent search or the Sitemap
  • Delete and Duplicate now support incremental progress with progress bars
  • Much improved CMS behavior in sites that support multiple editing languages

Aug. 16 Video Show

Get the latest concrete5 community news, find out about the 5.6.2 version release, and see some great showcase sites. 

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iconTable of contents

Add a table of contents to any page. List headers, tables, images or figures. View in the marketplace.

iconSocial Share Lite

Add social sharing buttons to your concrete5 site. It's free! View in the marketplace.

iconCalendar Pro

Flexible month-level calendar with recurrent date support and fully customizable colors. View in the marketplace.


Vegas allows you to add full screen slideshows to your site. View in the marketplace.


Get Comfortable with Advanced Permissions

Once you turn on advanced permissions, you are able to tightly control permissions throughout your site.  

Assign Permissions: Change the origin of your page's permissions.

Edit Permissions: Learn about how to edit permissions items after enabling Advanced Permissions.

Timed Permissions: Create permissions rules that apply to specific times, and optionally repeat.

Copying Permissions: Permissions settings can be easily copied between individual permissions items, or as sets that can be applied to other pages.

Area, Block and File Permissions: Enabling advanced permissions introduces customizable permissions for areas, blocks and files on your site.

Dashboard Permissions - Configure access to dashboard pages for specific users and groups.